Sustainable Development & Environment Protection

Serving our community is a main area of focus, and we have made our environmental performance a key aspect of Cimenterie Nationale's development. We seek to improve in all areas of our environmental policy and consistently persevere in our efforts to conserve natural resources through production optimization, increasing the use of additives, maximizing recycling, minimizing waste and rehabilitating exploited areas.

We operate in compliance with the highest national, European and American environmental standards, as is evidenced in our ISO 14001 certification. We are always on the lookout for the latest developments to update our Environmental Management System and use state-of-the-art technology to produce fewer emissions.

We are working with the other local cement producers and the Lebanese Government to structure and implement a meaningful RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) co-incineration initiative, thus avoiding millions of Tons of landfilling of high energy waste materials. In addition, awareness is raised among employees and our neighboring towns and villages regarding the environment through the promotion of a multitude of events and campaigns. Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy stipulates that we:

  • Improve the effectiveness of our Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 standards certified by VDZ.
  • Raise the environmental awareness of employees.
  • Preserve natural resources through production optimization, maximization of recycling, minimization of waste when applicable, and the rehabilitation of exploited areas.
  • Increase the use of additives to reduce CO2 emissions per ton of clinker.
  • Comply with relevant national environmental standards and legislation.
  • Commit to cleaner production and emissions reduction.

Air emissions control

Part of our production process includes the control of air emissions in order to curb atmospheric pollution.

To achieve cleaner emissions, we utilize:

Electro static precipitators on raw mills, kiln and clinker coolers for dust control, thus dust emissions from our stacks are < 50mg/Nm3 (the International norm), and the collected dust is returned back to the process.

Bag filters on all material transport devices for dust control, storage and transfer points, which are regularly overhauled to ensure efficiency.

Measuring devices on main stacks for the continuous monitoring of dust, SO2, NOx emissions and gas flow. These apparatuses record, archive data, and elaborate diagrams that are submitted to the Ministry of Environment on a regular basis.

A Water Spraying System (Fugitive Dust Reduction), which includes:
  • Spraying quarry roads using water trucks
  • The use of automatic high efficiency water spraying nozzles placed on the road between the garage and the crushers
  • High capacity water storage tanks
  • A water spraying system over the Petcoke storage area coupled with a decantation and recuperation system.
  • The addition of limestone, pozzolan and slag to the clinker up to 30% to reduce CO2 emissions per ton of cement.
  • Covered main clinker storage facilities as well as an underground conveying system and fully de-dusted tunnels.

Recycling & waste management

Another aspect of Cimenterie Nationale's drive towards environmentally friendly practices is the recycling and management of its waste. To control liquid effluents, we use a closed-circuit cooling water system with softening and separation, which also reduces consumption.

Lubrication oils are re-used in kiln burning, fuel oil reservoirs are relocated and containment walls are constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Environment. When it comes to solid waste, spent refractory material is crushed and reused. Furthermore, all combustible storage is fully enclosed at an oil tank farm.

Landscaping and Quarry Rehabilitation

Protecting the landscape plays an important role in our conservation efforts and, as such, Cimenterie Nationale has implemented several principles with regards to its quarry management.

We have instituted the Cimenterie Nationale Green program, which is a 10-year quarry rehabilitation drive aimed at landscaping exploited areas. Part of the program includes the planting of trees along quarry access roads and the permanent prohibition of blasting operations. Excavation and benching are conducted solely through the use of dozers.

Green belt project

"Complying with national and international environmental standards, Cimenterie Nationale relies on its environmental performance as a key performance indicator. In this framework, the firm is implementing its first quarry integration project taking into consideration the prevailing natural conditions, the site’s specificity and its ecological potentiality: the Green Belt.

To execute this innovative project the Cimenterie Nationale has dedicated an area of around 68,000 m2 (Phase I) to be included in the exploitation plan for the quarry. Furthermore Cimenterie Nationale has decided to develop further areas into a green belt surrounding the extraction site of the cement plant, separating the latter from the neighboring villages and reducing its operational impacts.

The Green Belt is not only viewed as an ecological component but is also a social contribution since Cimenterie Nationale has specifically focused on including the needs and wishes of the surrounding villages in the design scheme for the Green Belt.

The Green Belt advantages extend from the ecological to the social and economic levels, and can be summarized as follows:
  • Developing a habitat for wild flora and fauna species;
  • Securing a cleaner environment for the surrounding communities;
  • Securing better use of the land and resources in a sustainable manner with benefits on the ecological and social levels;
  • Creating a new educational and recreational hub for local families as well as potential visitors and summer camp fellows.
  • Utilizing the agricultural potential of the land for the locals' benefit.

Environmental awareness initiatives

An important part of any environmental campaign is education, which is why raising awareness is a key component of Cimenterie Nationale's environmental policy.

We seek to raise internal awareness about environmental issues by:

  • Constantly providing special training and awareness sessions to make sure employees are capable of fulfilling their environmental responsibilities in line with Cimenterie Nationale's policies.
  • Applying the Five S Program which focuses on instilling visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization to improve efficiency, service and safety.
In recognition of its environmental achievements, more
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