Partnerships & Associations

A large component of Cimenterie Nationale’s success stems from our diligence in establishing and maintaining lasting relationships with our partners. Through consolidating ties with a number of organizations, whether other members of the cement industry or NGOs, we hope to pool our resources together in order to increase the scope of our work and enhance the ability to positively impact the environment and people of our community.

As such, Cimenterie Nationale is a member of the following organizations:

  • AUCBM: Cimenterie Nationale is a member of the Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials, an inter-Arab International organization, affiliated to the General Secretariat of the Arab League and the Council of Arab Economic Unity. Furthermore in 2010, Cimenterie Nationale was appointed by the Lebanese Minister of Industry as board member representing the Lebanese cement industry for the coming four years.
  • VDZ: Cimenterie Nationale is a member of The German Cement Works Association (Verein Deutscher Zementwerke - VDZ), the technical and scientific association of the German cement industry.
  • CCIB: Cimenterie Nationale is a member of the Beirut Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • ALI: Cimenterie Nationale is a member of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists.

In recognition of its environmental achievements, more
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